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A loss of equipment can be devastating. Especially if the equipment is an  integral part of your business. If you own or lease equipment you want to make sure it is covered for the full value of the equipment.  In many instances contractor's equipment coverage can be combined with general liability and property coverage.

Local, intermediate and long haul truckers, we work with nationally recognized  insurance companies that provide coverage for a wide range of trucking classifications and payment plans. In most cases certificates of insurance can be issued on the same day requested.

Business Auto

All commercial insurance policies, whether it is general liability, workers compensation or business/commercial auto have a maximum limit they will cover. The commercial umbrella is purchased to provide excess coverage above the primary limits.

The commercial/business auto policy does not cover cargo. Motor Truck Cargo insurance provides coverage for commodities and freight you haul. If your cargo requires refrigeration check your policy to make sure it provides the appropriate coverage.

We have provided commercial/business auto solutions since our inception 46 years ago. Local, intermediate, and long haul trucking, church buses, fruit and vegetable dealers, and artisan contractors are some of our most frequently written risks. We can provide certificates of insurance the same day coverage is bound in most situations. We know that time is important to your business. Call us today and see how we are different.

  All business owners have a liability exposure. Are you covered for a claim against your business for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and what about the expense of legal defense? General liability insurance can be purchased as a monoline policy or as a package policy. When purchased as a package policy, general liability is usually combined with property coverage and or contractor's equipment coverage. Among the more common exposures are property you own or rent, services you provide, products you manufacture, sale, or service. In most cases certificates of insurance can be issued on the same day requested. Give us a call today.

Contractor's Equipment Coverage

 Commercial property insurance provides coverage for real property and business personal property used in a business.  If you suffer a loss to property used in your business, adequate insurance coverage can make the difference between staying in business and bankruptcy.

Truck Insurance

All employers should be aware the definition of employee has been redefined. In a recent blog post by the US Department of Labor there are 6 factors in the "economics realities" test which provide guidance in determining whether a person is an employee or an independent contractor. This change may affect whether you have the proper coverage.

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